Art in the Mill 15th Birthday Summer Salon

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Art in the Mill 15th Birthday Summer Salon

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Summer Salon

Art in the Mill celebrates its 15th Birthday this summer with a showcase of paintings, original prints, sculpture, ceramics and glass selected from artists who have exhibited here over the past 15 years.

ART IN THE MILL Tree of Life in Woodland 2 JAMES OWEN THOMAS

Árbol de la Vida, Tree of Life, 2020 Mixed Media using Recycled Materials by James Owen Thomas 100 X 83 cm framed, no glass James collaged Árbol de la Vida, Tree of Life with Picasso’s depictions of birds and also Guernica in mind. He was given used Spanish scratch cards to incorporate into his artwork by a friend who comes from the Basque Country who collected them for him. When she told him about the town of Guernica, he discovered that the 146-year-old oak tree had survived the 1937 bombing of the city during the Spanish Civil War. A tree offers a safe haven to nature just as many Basque children came to Britain seeking sanctuary in 1937. There was an exhibition at The Peace Museum, Bradford some years ago called The Basque Children in Yorkshire.

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