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Knaresborough Knightmares: a FEVA ghost walk

Market Cross
Knaresborough Knightmares: a FEVA ghost walk

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Join the Knaresborough Mummers for a FEVA ghost walk, combining the popular "Knaresborough Knightmares" tour of the town with a performance by the Mummers based on an old Yorkshire legend. Their short play, "The Barghest of Troller's Gill" is based on folklore from the Dales, where a spectral black dog was believed to prowl the moors at night. Anyone who encountered this devilish hound was said to be doomed.

The ghost walks have been running for a few years, although the Mummers themselves have been performing for almost half a century, having been active in the town since 1974. As with all the team's activities, money raised by the ghost walks is all donated to local good causes, including FEVA, St Michael's Hospice and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

As well as supporting charities, attendees will hear tales from the darker corners of Knaresborough's history, with accounts of hauntings and witchcraft. As well as stories of mysterious sights and sounds, you'll hear strange details about vampire bumble bees and levitating bedpans. The tours have a distinct air of "Horrible Histories" about them. Nerves of steel are not necessary, but a sense of humour may be helpful.


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