Strange-Twig present Under The Leaves

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Strange-Twig present Under The Leaves

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A story told like never before, the dreams of beasts from the forest floor! When the world towers above you, and the lives of those around seem so fast and full of wonder how do you find your true self when you don’t even know what you are? The epic tale of a caterpillar as she seeks to find what she will become, what she has always been inside even when the outside moves and looks so uncomfortable to her. Through the lives of the microcosmic world around her she battles to explore her existence, and as the forest changes dramatically about her she’s born anew into her real self, a beautiful and graceful butterfly. Filled with music, sound and packed with bright and colourful characters this highly energetic show is a perfect fusion of storytelling, circus arts and bombastic personalities that will have families and children of all ages completely enthralled. Featuring aerialism, acrobatics, dance, equilibristics and audience interaction, be prepared for beauty and action as you’re transported through forest fire and majestic rebirth in a seamless display of fun and elegance.

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