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Group Exhibition at St John's Hub

Artists: Mel Lisney, B. Smith Jewellery, David Ferguson, Amanda Toase, Lois Folkard

Experience sublime and captivating art at St John's Hub during the Feva Festival, featuring mixed media, ceramics, textiles, and jewellery by talented local artists.

Mel Lisney creates dramatic mixed-media images with a variety of metallic elements. Her work promotes emotional wellbeing, inviting viewers to observe the play of light and enter a relaxed, mindful state. Her use of annealed metal leaf produces intriguing effects with light and shadow.

B. Smith Jewellery combines a rich history in costume design with unique jewellery making. B crafts hand-made jewellery from polymer clay and repurposed glass beads, blending unusual color combinations inspired by global traditions, folklore, and nature. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, reflecting her creative journey.

David Ferguson is a ceramicist working with stoneware clay, creating flowing organic sculptures and domestic ware inspired by coastal seascapes and bird life. His work draws from powerful childhood memories and the tactile, sensual qualities of natural forms.

Amanda Toase uses textiles to express emotions and explore the human condition. Mindful of ethical issues in the textile industry, she works with recycled and naturally dyed fabrics. Her work reimagines traditional gender roles and the iconography of the Madonna and child, challenging societal norms while offering comfort through familiar, decorative elements.

Lois Folkard records her joy in nature and color through her art. Drawing inspiration from landscapes, she uses richly applied paint and collage to create layered, textured works. Her paintings encourage viewers to appreciate and preserve the natural world, capturing an amalgamation of memories and emotions.

Chris Woodward began painting after retiring and is entirely self-taught. She has a deep love for landscape painting, aiming to capture the atmosphere and emotions evoked by particular places. Her exhibition will feature views of the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District, and Italy. Christine has recently started using larger canvases and experimenting with different styles, adding to the excitement and development of her artistic journey.

Visit St John’s Hub to explore the diverse and captivating works of these talented artists. For more information, visit their individual websites and social media pages.

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